Ever wonder why the credit score a lender receives isn’t the same as what you just received from one of the free credit report sites? Do you question why the three main credit reporting agencies never have the same score – and they sometimes vary by as much as a 100 points? Are you looking for ways you can ensure you’re maximizing the key factors that drive the credit reporting agency’s scoring models?

If you’ve ever been shocked by a lender telling you your score isn’t quite what you thought it was, then you are not alone. Millions of Americans, even those within the finance and lending world that routinely deal with credit, are often left wondering how and why their score is what it is. Understanding how to maximize your credit score will have a long lasting impact on just about every facet of your life now and in the future. Those that chose to ignore it and hope that all is well are almost always certain to pay significantly more, sometimes totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

Your personal and business credit scores are important to your agency. Learn more about credit scores and what it takes to maximize them by viewing an on-demand webinar.