We’ll Get You There.

We can help you buy or sell a practice.

Oak Street Funding’s® unique CPA Practice Exchange allows you to list your practice for sale at no cost. We provide the marketplace where CPA buyers and sellers meet. This will allow you to advertise to thousands of potential buyers with no out-of-pocket expense. It is quick, easy and free.

No Cost, No Obligation, Nationwide Network

Oak Street Funding has relationships with CPAs and brokers of all sizes all over the country. Oak Street Funding has experience in providing capital in 46 states and over $420 million dollars.

Acquisition Expertise

We have extensive knowledge in buyouts, acquisitions, and partner buy-ins. We can not only help you find a buyer for your practice, but also help structure a deal that is tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for more information.

Extensive Practice Exposure

Oak Street Funding can help generate exposure to many potential buyers. Listing your practice with Oak Street funding could produce multiple interests in or offers for your practice. We are constantly marketing to drive traffic to this site.

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